ECC.05.2008: Maker Faire / Artistic Licenses
Subject: ECC.05.2008: Maker Faire / Artistic Licenses
Send date: 2008-05-02 08:12:02
Issue #: 4

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*** This Saturday, May 3rd: The ECC at Maker Faire (San Mateo) ***

This weekend brings Make Magazine's geek-friendly, nerd-tastic Maker Faire! If you're anywhere close to the bay area, you owe it to your inner dork to check out this science-fair-meets-Burning-Man event.  Where else would you see:

I could go on... really, for days... but I'll just cut the chase and mention that The ECC will make two appearances Saturday night at the main music stage to invite lucky members of the audience to spin the Wheel Of Mashup.  We'll also debut our ECC remix of Jonathon Coulton's Code Monkey, soon to appear on a new Hipster, Please! compilation.  Put on your smarty-pants and we'll see you there!

WHAT: The ECC's Wheel Of Mashup at Maker Faire
WHEN: This Saturday, May 3rd 2008, at 6:30pm and again at 8:00pm
WHERE: San Mateo Fairgrounds; ECC performs at the Main Music Stage/Tent
HOW MUCH:  Click for Tickets... about the same as Yuri's Night but for 8x the stuff

The ECC's TradeMark G. will also MC the main stage Saturday... and did you see his pretty picture in the SF Weekly?

*** Artistic Licenses: On Sale Now! ***

If you're like me, you're constantly getting asked things like, "Why on earth did you paint that toaster purple and install it on the ceiling?" or "Why do you drive a hearse that looks like a zebra?" Of course, the answer is all too simple: I'm an artist. I'm taking license to make this weirdness. It's called Artistic License.

I've been extremely happy with the results. Now when I show up at art openings, I just flash my ID -- I'm an artist! More free wine, please! Even at clubs I present my license as my identification... because, by gum, I'm an artist, just the kind of artist who would be fully licensed. Although this is not legal identification in the government's eyes, I have presented it on many occasional to security personnel who want "valid ID". More times than not, they take it! So, it must be valid.  [...]

We got unexpectedly BoingBoinged on our Artistic Licenses -- it forced our hand a little, but that's probably a good thing.  However, we might well raise prices soon, so get one of these for only $20 now!

Take a look at the Artistic License application for more...

COMING UP:  The ECC goes to Toronto in late May for the Deep Wireless and Radio Without Boundaries festivals, and then Cleveland in late July for the Ingenuity Cleveland festival...