ECC internet radio cross-pollination experiment
Subject: ECC internet radio cross-pollination experiment
Send date: 2009-05-27 03:23:50
Issue #: 22

ECC URL du jour: This weekend's Maker Faire (finally!) announces showtimes for ECC, etc.:

The ECC's TradeMark G. is trying to finish assembling his monome kit in time for UbRadio in a few hours, with Big City Orchestra and UnivacWe're cross-pollinating this week -- first on UbRadio, then the episode gets rebroadcast the next day for The Sound Of Plaid on Shouting Fire!

Join us: WEDNESDAY, 27 MAY 2009
from 4-6PM US Pacific Standard Time
 aka 7-10PM US Eastern Standard Time
  or  01.00-03.00 Central Europe Time CET/GMT +1hr Thursday

LIVE STREAM available in several flavors at

LIVE CHAT on IRC on channel #DFM
more info:

...then on THURSDAY, 28 MAY 2009
from 10am-noon PST  (1p-4p EST)
and again at 6p-8p PST (9p-11p EST)


(and we'll be there this week, promise!)

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