New ECC radio - Tune in TONIGHT!
Subject: New ECC radio - Tune in TONIGHT!
Send date: 2009-08-11 10:23:07
Issue #: 29

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Missed our radio shows?  We have!  What with our travels and another crash of Shouting Fire, we've had to go elsewhere to get our fix:  say hello to FCC Free Radio.  The product of disaffected Pirate Cat Radio broadcasters, FCC Free is shaping up to be a mighty good addition to the San Francisco radio dial (107.3 FM).  Not in San Francisco?  Not a problem -- tune into theinternet stream.

Tonight from 8 to 10pm PST (11pm to 1am EST) we test the waters of FCC Free Radio with their first live remote broadcast -- TradeMark and Frilly will be on the mic with audio oddities and sonic strangeness.  Any requests?  Email them!

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